One-on-One Session


One-on-One Session

from 60.00

We’ll figure out what you’re seeking, and craft a custom schedule and approach that works for you. Tuning into and developing your awareness gives you power - the power to make changes, the power to heal, the power to create, the power to make a difference, the power to get excited about your life.

 And, most of all, the power to take action.

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One-on-One Session

Location: Action Awareness| 208 Providence Mine Road Nevada City, CA 95959


  • You choose what's right for you!
  • One hour Action Awareness Training session. Private instruction to learn women's self-defense that focuses on physical, mental, and energetic defense.
  • One hour Frequency Energy Medicine(TM) session. This intuitive healing session is personalized just for you.
  • One hour Kuk Sool Won(TM) session. You will learn the full martial art and progress in belt ranks.


Action Awareness | 208 Providence Mine Road Suite 122, Nevada City, CA 95959


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