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Living Life For You

What happens when the kids move out? What do you do with all that time and space? In Living Life for You, Lila shows how to handle the kids’ inevitable move out and find your own purpose and goals—while giving you all the practical tools you’ll need to build a healthy relationship with your adult child. Learn how to:

  • Encourage your child’s independence and let go.

  • Rediscover your own identity when you hang up your Wonder Mom cape.

  • Create a “recipe for self-belief” that values yourself.

  • Reconnect with your partner.

  • Figure out if your life calls for a change, and what that change might be.

It’s time to embrace the idea that you deserve your own happiness. It’s time to invest in you. You get one life—it’s time to make the most of it!

“It’s not just a book, it’s a movement! Get ready to be inspired, uplifted, and change your life for the better.”
— Amberly Lago, Motivational speaker and author of True Grit and Grace

“The title of ‘mom’ defines us. But when the kids move on, can we? Lila helps put this major life transition into perspective and makes empty nest difficulties easier to adapt to and accept.”
— Megan Dickson, M.A., Administrator/Educator and Mom

“Life is a crooked path, filled with joy, laughter, bumps and bruises! In her marvelous, inspiring new book, Lila Reyna shares her road map to finding a way through good times and challenging ones.”
— Dorothy M. Leveque, Ed.D, author of Journey of Hope

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Personal Safety Tips Every Woman Should Know: A Pocket Guide

Have you ever felt frightened or intimidated when out walking alone? Have you ever wondered what you should do if approached by an attacker? Have you ever worried about becoming yet another home invasion statistic? Personal safety has become an issue of importance for everyone, but especially for women.In this day and age, you have to prepare yourself for whatever may come your way. The tips and tools in this book will increase your awareness, your ability to defend yourself, and help you to feel confident in any situation. Don’t be an easy target or a statistic. Learn how to apply the ABC Approach to Safety.

“Thank you for your positive, clear messages to empower us, and keep us safe. It’s amazing how you’ve taken your difficult life experiences and done more than overcome them – you’ve become a powerful force for good, for many. Thank you for sharing your gifts!”
— Kristen Juarez, Teacher and Mom

“In Lila’s workshop I gained a new understanding of myself – the gift of self value, awareness, and belief. I learned that i’m not only worth defending, but that I can defend myself.”
— Jill Brodd, Executive Assistant, Mercy Medical Group


Street Sense

Finalist winner on the USA Best Books list for Children’s Educational Award, Street Sense: Smart Self-defense for Children is filled with facts and fun activities that engage and educate the reader. Lila uses her Action Awareness Training ABC’s of self-defense - Awareness, Body Confidence, and Courage- to promote respect, awareness, and self-esteem as the first line of defense. This character-building workbook is specifically designed for 4th and 5th grade children and it is a powerful communication catalyst for both parents and teachers alike.

Street Sense includes the power of body language, important safety tips, and bully prevention while interspersing with opportunities for readers to write down personal thoughts as well as traveling through safety mazes, and filling in related word searches. This interactive workbook is a helpful tool and easy-to-follow guide for discussing sensitive issues surrounding personal safety, self-awareness, positive character traits, and bullying. Education is prevention and prevention is our number one defense.  

Educating and empowering children, one book at a time.