Lila’s Bio


Lila Reyna is the creator of Action Awareness Training, a personal defense and self-empowerment program, and the award-winning author of several books, one of which, Street Sense: Smart Self-Defense for Children, landed on the USA Best Books list and won a 2016 Parent’s Choice Award from Parents’ Resource Guide. Her newest title, Living Life for You: In Letting Your Kids Go and Be Grown You Can Rediscover You, is due for release March 2019.

Lila first started training in the martial art of Kuk Sool Won™ over 20 years ago, and today holds the rank of 4th Degree Black Belt. She is currently testing for her Masters degree. Lila is also a practitioner of Frequency Energy Medicine™, a unique healing technique that uses specialized skills of intuition and empathy and is comprised of three major aspects: the mind, the body, and the spirit.

Based on the foundational wisdoms and practices of both of these traditions, Lila created Action Awareness Training to help others improve their safety, quality of life, and greater selves. Action Awareness Training workshops and seminars help develop powerful life skills, like the ability to confront limiting habits of behavior and thought in order to attain greater awareness.

As an abuse survivor, Lila originally entered the martial arts and healing world with a determination to reclaim her power and learn the skills to protect herself and her children. Lila learned to turn abuse from defining her to driving her to make a difference in the lives of women around the globe.

Lila is also a certified NASP™ archery instructor, and a mom of three well-adjusted and happy adult-children.

She lives in Northern California with her husband, Tony, and their dog Hana. She talks to Hana way too much since the kids moved out.