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Onsite Workshops for Women

Action Awareness Training

These are women-only workshops based on honing your intuition, harnessing your natural abilities, and connecting with your power. They’re physical, yes, and include learning and practicing traditional hands-on physical self-defense moves. But what these workshops are really about is flexing your awareness muscle.

We discuss sensitive issues. We talk about attending to red flags, paying attention to your intuition, and truly processing and accounting for the information delivered to us by our environments and relationships.

We do physical and mental exercises to sharpen and enhance your self awareness. Awareness helps you identify, avoid, and get out of dangerous situations. And awareness helps you make effective and empowering life decisions, too.

With Action Awareness Training, you’re not just practicing survival skills. You’re developing powerful life skills.

  • Train in and practice key concepts of successful self-defense. Discover your own powers of intuition and logic and how to use them strategically and holistically for self-protection, success, safety, and even whole-life-happiness.

  • Hone your powers of awareness to assess potentially unsafe situations.

  • Discover your personal warning flags so you can define safe boundaries for yourself, physically and emotionally.

  • Learn to use your voice, body language and body for self-defense.

  • Build your confidence while laughing, shouting, sweating and having fun. (Self defense is good for the soul!)


Join an Action Awareness Training community workshop at our location, or host a women-only workshop at your location. We can come to you at your workplace, school, or community center. 

Action Awareness Training workshops specifically tailored for younger women (high school) and girls (middle school) are also available at our location and in schools.

Are you a college or corporation looking for Action Awareness Training?

Let’s talk. Action Awareness Training can be customized to create the ideal workshop for your organization. Large group rates available.