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Elisa Parker

Group Testimonials


Nice Words

“Action Awareness Training not only stimulates your awareness, it creates a bridge to the physical, mental, and emotional bodies. These workshops allow people to take charge of their lives, to become empowered, physically become stronger, mentally be more alert to their surroundings, and finally, to reconnect emotionally. For me, it has helped define better who I am; allowing me to believe in myself again.”

– Carolyn S., AZ


“Lila’s instruction is an amazing mind-opening, confidence building, practical experience in the art of true personal safety. The techniques I learned were simple and effective and the group exercises helped me move from a mind-set of victim to a woman of empowerment.”

– Mary L., CA


“Lila’s intuitive approach to personal safety and healing is down to earth practical, effective, and mind-blowing all at the same time! I have this reborn passion that makes me excited to live my life. Watch out world, I’m back and here I come!”      

– Tania W., CA


“I thought self-defense was all about kicks and punches. While fending off an attacker is an important skill, learning how to prevent unhealthy conditions - emotionally and energetically - is an even greater tool. It was exhilarating to see the changes in myself and classmates’ demeanors as seeds of self-belief and awareness were firmly planted and ready to grow.”

– C.M., HI


“What I learned is that physical abuse is one way to get hurt, but emotional abuse can hurt too. I took that back and shared it with a friend who really needed to hear it. And my daughter now realizes that she doesn’t have to use her fists, she can use her voice and still defend herself. The workshops really helps build confidence. Thank you Lila!”

– Denise R., CA


“Action Awareness Training is fun, informative, and an inspiration to women of all ages. Awareness is the foundation of self-belief and Lila empowers individuals to find a sense of themselves.”

– Angie T., CA


“My one-on-one appointment with Lila held immense value and had me thinking for days. It led me to see core issues that needed attention. She holds a clean and safe space for sharing and learning. I highly recommend working with Lila.”

– Sara L., CA