Street Sense: Smart Self-Defense for Children

For Girls & Boys Ages 8-10

Street Sense: Smart self-defense for children workshops instill a sense of self-worth and heightened personal safety through:

  • learning verbal self-defense
  • trusting what you feel
  • exploring physical defenses
  • understanding personal space and boundaries
  • dealing with bullies and how not to become one
  • respecting self and others
  • making positive choices

This fun and interactive class is formed with the objective to improve self-reliance and raise self-esteem while helping students to utilize personal safety skills.

A mother of three, Lila personally understands the concern regarding potential threats that parents face when raising healthy and safe children. Lila created the Street Sense program and workbook to give parents and teachers an easy way to communicate with children about the important issues surrounding bullying, personal safety, and well-being.