Ondre’s Frequency Energy Medicine™

Ondre’s Frequency Energy Medicine™ is an advanced technique focusing on the root cause of a condition and not just treating the symptoms. The belief is that every cell and every organ has its own unique bio-frequency. If these frequencies become unbalanced, both illness and poor performance can result, which impacts our work and our personal lives.

It is not just a method to heal illness, but is also a way of changing the energy around a person and remove blocks that may be ultimately preventing you from personal success. Negative bio-fields may even be affecting your choices and in some cases trapping you in a cycle of endless fear and failure.

Ondre's Frequency Energy Medicine™ seeks to help understand the natural biofield and its interactions with our daily lives and the healing process. This approach turns the practitioner into an intuitive detective by uncovering the finest of hidden details using their skills of intuition and empathy to administer a specialized technique. The practitioners use an energy frequency system comprising of three major aspects in the mind, body and spirit and twelve principles based on Ondre's theories of frequency energy. This allows for the return of the natural balance within the biofield.

– from the official Ondre.com site