Quiet Mind, Warrior Spirit

New York Book Festival and San Francisco Book Festival honorable mention

Lila’s award-winning non-fiction paperback, Quiet Mind Warrior Spirit sits at the crossroads between self-awareness, and concrete self-defense, opening a door to the power of self-appreciation.

Interspersing compelling tales of personal life experiences with effective techniques for developing self-protection, self-awareness, and balancing mind, body, heart – as well as helpful information on recognizing physical and emotional assailants – Lila leads the reader on a journey that culminates in finding a sense of greater inner responsiveness. 

Colorfully written and eminently readable, Quiet Mind, Warrior Spirit offers just the right balance of survival techniques and heartfelt personal stories.


Street Sense

Finalist winner on the USA Best Books list for Children’s Educational Award, Street Sense: Smart self-defense for 4th and 5th graders is filled with facts and fun activities that engage and educate the reader. Lila uses her Action Awareness Training ABC’s of self-defense - Awareness, Body Confidence, and Courage- to promote respect, awareness, and self-esteem as the first line of defense. This character-building workbook is specifically designed for 4th and 5th grade children and it is a powerful communication catalyst for both parents and teachers alike.

Street Sense includes the power of body language, important safety tips, and bully prevention while interspersing with opportunities for readers to write down personal thoughts as well as traveling through safety mazes, and filling in related word searches. This interactive workbook is a helpful tool and easy-to-follow guide for discussing sensitive issues surrounding personal safety, self-awareness, positive character traits, and bullying. Education is prevention and prevention is our number one defense.  

Educating and empowering children, one book at a time.


Your Life in Your Hands

A book every woman should own. Filled with vital information, the text is short and succinct, catering to even the busiest woman. Lila’s ABC Defense method is the ideal formula to practice and master. With prevention as the mantra of the book, Lila essentially places life under a microscope, forcing her readers to slow down and become aware of one’s self and environment.

While the primary goal is to prevent you from becoming a statistic, it’s conveyed that crime and violence are part of an infectious reality. In order to create true awareness, it’s important to see both the beauty and the danger in the world. Your Life in Your Hands highlights numerous ways to handle stalkers and your attacker; while sharing how the quality of your life can be developed by a deeper commitment to self, understanding your strengths and weaknesses, and simply by slowing down. Stop. Look. Listen to the life events that are transpiring around you. The book stresses the importance of heeding not just the heart, but your intuition and logical mind as well.