Action Awareness Training

Personal Safety. Stress. Abuse. Healing. Health. Confidence. Wellness. Purpose. If you’re finding yourself at one of life’s more challenging crossroads, Action Awareness can help you develop and grow your natural strengths so that you can take action and triumph.

Action Awareness is a two-pillar practice. It’s built upon the wisdom and traditions of the Martial Arts and Ondre’s Frequency Energy Medicine™.


Ondre's Frequency Energy Medicine™ isn’t just a way to heal illness, it’s a way of changing the energy around you and removing the blocks that prevent you from experiencing true success. In order to truly be aware, you have to understand the natural bio-frequencies that surround you as even the smallest of understanding of these energies can bring the greatest of possibilities.
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Martial Arts is a system or tradition of combat. It means getting moving, building physical and mental strength to protect yourself. You’ll learn tried-and-true martial arts moves to break out of holds, elude an opponent, block kicks and punches, and distract or disable an assailant so you can get away. It seems like a physical practice, and it is, but at its core, martial arts and self-defense are about awareness, too. You train yourself to tune into your environment, read situations and body language, check your intuition about people and circumstances, and use your body, your voice and your strength - you absolutely have it - to protect yourself every day and in every way.


Action Awareness is a method you can learn and practice in one-on-one sessions (Action Awareness Personal Sessions), women-only group workshops (Action Awareness Training), and school-based workshops for children and teens (Action Awareness Training for Young Women and Girls and/or Street Sense for Children).

Action Awareness is designed to get you moving and keep you safe, strong and flourishing in your everyday life.

You deserve it. All women do. Yes?

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